Spring 2021 Week 2: Inscripta Info Session

On Monday, April 5th, representatives from Inscripta held an info session for WICS members to learn more about bioinformatics and the intersection between tech and biology. We were joined by two bioinformatic specialists of the Computational Sciences and Engineering team (CoSE) at Inscripta, who are responsible for bridging the gap between science and software. They spoke about their background, what they do as bioinformatics specialists, and their intern interview process. They also shared some examples of projects that interns might take on. Some include: microservices – improving data standardization, conversion and visualization, designer predictive models, as well as graph edit detection. If you’re interested in data science or any of these projects, Inscripta may be a good fit for you!


A tip they shared if you are interested in an internship with them: 

  • Show your enthusiasm! Many people don’t have any background in biology so it’s hard to see why people are interested in the company. Adding a cover letter to talk about your interest would be a great way to convey your enthusiasm.