Spring 2021 Week 2: Chipotle Roundtable

On Monday, April 5, WICS hosted two roundtable sessions with representatives from Chipotle. We started by going around the Webex meeting room sharing the technical roles and new technologies that we were interested in. After that, attendees listened to a complete overview of Chipotle’s hiring process, which included Hackerrank problems, phone screen, and a panel interview. We also discussed what would happen after a candidate accepts a job offer, covering the onboarding process, the burrito buddy (a mentor or mentee), the dev and scrum team compositions, and the tech stack they would interact with on the job. Chipotle has really unique and quirky names for many of their teams such as Lord of the Caterings and Guac Stars. Finally, the panelists covered tools, working environments, and feature requests. The event concluded with a few more questions asked by the attendees. Overall, this was a really informative event that definitely gave all the attendees a taste of what it’s like to apply to and work at Chipotle.