WICS meetings are open and free to all students at the University of California, Irvine, regardless of background(major, gender, year, etc). Any student who attends a WICS meeting will automatically be considered a general member.

General Membership Benefits:

  • All the members have the right to be informed about all planned WICS events
  • All members have the right to benefit from our events such as networking opportunities with company representatives
  • All members have the right to make constructive suggestions or discuss any issues that may arise with the club or any board or committee member

Paid Membership

Starting 2016-2017, WICS will now have paid membership. To be considered a paid member, you can do one of the following:

  • Pay a membership for the ENTIRE year
    • With T-shirt — $20
    • Without T-shirt — $15
    • Pay a membership on a quarterly basis — $6/quarter
    • Obtain a scholarship through the Office of Access and Inclusion(OAI)

We will be setting up a station in every general meeting where you can give us the money. If you are unable to make it to the meetings, shoot us an email at wics.uci.president@gmail.com and we’ll figure it out!

Paid Membership Benefits:

  • All  general membership benefits
  • Priority to all events, particularly those relating to company events or events with a member limitation
  • Reduced T-Shirt Fee($5 for paid membership vs $10 for general membership)
  • Invitation to premium member retreat