2023 – 2024 Officers


Brief Role Description for Presidents:
Presidents oversees all responsibilities and makes sure all tasks/goals are completed.
They maintain communication and connections within committee, between advisors and other clubs (ICS Consortium).

“Hello! I’m Maya (she/her), one of your WICS Co-Presidents. I am a fourth year Computer Science major and I was IVP last year 🙂 I joined WICS because of the fun and inclusive community, and I’m proud to be able to help it grow! In my free time, I enjoy reading, playing piano, and watching lots of YouTube 😛 I also love boba, dessert, and anything that has to do with food. I’m always interested in chatting and meeting new people, so don’t be afraid to reach out! Looking forward to a great year with WICS!”

“Hello! I’m Alisa (she/her), and I am a third-year CS major. After spending a year on the Executive Committee in my first year, I became the secretary last year. Now, I am one of your Co-Presidents, and I have loved being a part of this supportive community :o) Outside of CS, I enjoy going on walks and bike rides, 2000s graphic design (especially in an unironic context), and writing self-indulgent poetry. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to chat – I’m looking forward to an awesome year in WICS!”

Vice Presidents


Brief Role Description for External and Internal Vice Presidents:
They assist Presidents with anything they need, as well as communicate with advisors.
External Vice President leads the external affairs committee. They organize weekly events and communicate with companies to host events.
Internal Vice President leads the internal affairs committee. They organize social-bonding events for general and committee members.

Hi hi hi! I’m Sanika (like Sonic the hedgehog + “a”). I’m your External Vice President this year taking care of the professional side of things! I’m currently a third-year informatics major. I joined WICS in my first year and contributed as the Treasurer in my second year. Gosh I love this club and the people in it! Outside of WICS, I work as a graphic designer. I also love to dance, play some sports, sketch, cook yummy food and clean (yes, I’m a clean freak). I absolutely love talking to people and learning about them. If you ever see me on campus, don’t be afraid to say hi! And if you ever want to talk, let’s get some fries and have a deep meaningful conversation. Stay hydrated y’all <3

Hey, y’all! My name is Aasha (AH-shuh). I’m a third-year Informatics major. I joined WICS in 2021 as a first year on the marketing committee. Last year, I transferred to the Internal Affairs committee as Historian where I took photos of all general events and managed the website. This year, I am so excited to be your Internal Vice President planning all social events and retreats! Outside of the organization, I’m involved in the on-campus online newspaper The New University as a photo contributor. I’m very passionate about sports photography, and some of my hobbies include cooking, listening to music, practicing yoga, and going to petr drops! You’ll most likely find me at the Phoenix Food Court or walking through Aldrich with my camera. If you see me around, don’t be shy and say hi!


Shannon Liou

Brief Role Description for Secretary:
Secretary informs board and committee members about meeting times and records notes during the meetings. They also update the subscribers list for the newsletter and sends out the newsletter.

“Hi! I’m Shannon, your WICS Secretary 🙂 I’m a third year Computer Science major graduating this year. I was in the Executive Committee my first year and the Internal Affairs Committee my second year. I love being in WICS because WICS is such a welcoming, fun, and supportive community, and I’m very excited to be this year’s secretary! Besides WICS, I’m also involved in UAV Forge. I enjoy going on walks and hikes, playing board games, and anything related to musical theater. Feel free to reach out, and I’m always down for boba, food, or just a chat!”

Mentorship Lead

Kristen Yee

Brief Role Description for Mentorship Lead:
Mentorship Lead sets up and facilitates the mentorship program throughout the year, which includes creating pairings, planning events like Mentorship Mixer, Mentorship Reveal, and keeping mentorship families informed and active in the program.

“Hi hi 🙂 I’m Kristen (she/her), and I’m a third year computer science and business information management double major. I joined WICS during my first year, and I was part of the Community Outreach (woohoo) last year. I’ve made the best friends though WICS, and I’m so incredibly excited to be our first ever mentorship lead this year !! Outside of WICS, I’m part of Commit the Change, and I’ve been playing club softball for UCI. Some other random facts about me: I like to play the guitar, I tend to be overly ambitious when it comes to trying to crochet, and you can always catch me either at the gym or in the kitchen. I’m always down to chat so don’t be afraid to reach out and say hello !!”


Crystal Lai

Brief Role Description for Treasurer:
Treasurer manages WICS Funds in both WICS’s ICS account and ASUCI account.
They are in charge of depositing and distributing money, as well as reimbursements.

Hi everyone! I’m Crystal and I’m a fourth-year double majoring in Software Engineering and Business Information Management. I joined WICS in 2021 and I am excited to be the WICS Treasurer this year! Other than WICS, I am also an undergraduate researcher in the Biomedical Engineering department focusing on VR development. I love KPOP music and dances, exploring restaurants, and playing video games (currently I am really into The Legend of Zelda and Dave The Diver)! Hope to see everyone at WICS events and feel free to say hi to me!

Alumni Liaison

Pauline Kang

Brief Role Description for Alumni Liaison:
Alumni Liaison is responsible for being the main point of contact for all alumni related activities such as alumni panels and events. They also reach out to alumni companies for sponsorships and/or opportunities and send yearly alumni care packages.

Hi! I’m Pauline and I’m a second-year computer science major! This will be my second year in WICS and I’m very excited to serve as Alumni Liaison this year. Other than WICS, I am part of an on-campus ministry called Searchlight and work at the Student Center as an iOS developer! Whenever I have free time I’m usually at the gym, listening to music, or getting boba or bingsoo !! I am excited to get to know everyone this year in WICS!


Jyoti Maharjan

Brief Role Description for Historian:
Historian is in charge of managing the WICS Website. They are responsible for updating/creating the website pages, posting blog posts, and updating the event’s calendar.

Hellooo! I’m Jyoti (she/her) and I’m a second-year CSE major. Last year I joined WICS as part of the marketing committee and absolutely loved the energy within this community. Outside of WICS, I like to go on walks with my dog, binge-watch shows and anime, sketch, and go on boba runs. I’m so excited to serve as your historian this year! You can easily spot me taking pictures at WICS events, so feel free to say hi!

Co-Community Outreach Chairs

Brief Role Description for Community Outreach Chairs:
Community Outreach Chairs organize workshops and events for K-12 students in the area.
They also apply to grants and write proposals for funding their events.

Hello! I’m Jenny (she/her), a 3rd year CSE major and one of your Community Outreach Co-Chairs for the 2023-2024 school year. I joined the Outreach Committee during my first year, where we plan and host fun workshops and events for students of all ages outside of UCI. Outside of WICS, I’m also a logistics organizer for Hack@UCI. Stepping away from the academic atmosphere, I enjoy playing volleyball and some video games, writing poetry and listening to music, and going on spontaneous adventures with friends. If you see me around, please don’t hesitate to reach out and say hello ^^!

Hihi! I’m Ashley (she/her), and I’m a fourth-year CS major and Education minor. I’ve been in outreach committee since my freshman year, and it’s truly one of my favorite communities in ICS where you can make an impact on campus and beyond. I’ve found so many opportunities to teach and work with kids here, and I hope outreach can be that place for you too 🙂 Outside of WICS, I’m always down to bake dessert, walk around campus, grab boba, and coffee hop. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out if you ever want to chat about WICS, career, academics, life, or coffee recs! Fun fact: I’ll be studying abroad in Taiwan this fall!!

Corporate Lead

Kristin Leung

Brief Description for Corporate Lead:
Corporate Lead find and build relationships with company representatives and obtain funds/sponsorships for WICS.

Hi! My name is Kristin and I’m a fourth year computer science major. This year I’ll be serving as your Corporate Lead, building relationships with companies and forming partnerships to help sponsor all the amazing things that WICS does. I like staying active in my free time – going to the gym, hiking, swimming, or just having random adventures with friends, and I’m on UCI’s dragon boat race crew. I also love food, books, and watching (and analyzing, and possibly making fun of) movies/shows. Don’t be afraid to wave hello if you see me around!

Marketing Chair

Shalini Bhakta

Brief Description for Marketing Chair:
Marketing Chair advertises WICS events through social media platforms, flyers, emailing the ICS e-bulletin and professors. They organize the crepe boothing fundraisers, and are in charge of unofficial committee members (e.g. photographer, graphic designer, blogger).

Hiii!! My name is Shalini and I’m a third-year Informatics major and WICS’s Marketing Chair! Outside of WICS, I’m also involved with 2035, a student-based virtual reality escape room game that educates about climate change. I like shopping, listening to music, scrolling through Pinterest, reading, visual art & animation, and over-analyzing every piece of media I consume. You can find me making TikToks during WICS meetings with other Marketing Committee members, and don’t be afraid to ask to be in one! :>

Committee Members

Community Outreach


Cheryl Chen
Chloe Cheng
Amanda Hausmann
Teresa Hempen
Cali Kuang

Michelle Lin
Mia Schroeder
Sarah Tan
Duong Vu
Ashley Yung


External Affairs

Tiffany Cheung
Sonia Kaczer
Mae King
Thuy (Sally) Nguyen
Jaylene Nguyen

Helen Pham
Amratha Rao
Jessica (Jay) Sotelo
Kara Statham
Aishwarya Thadiparthi


Internal Affairs

Hang Cao
Mirelle George
Sarah Lee
Sharon Ma
Mikayla McGrath

Gabrielle Palar
Sydnee Tan
Celine Trieu
Erika Young
Sophia Zhang



Ella Chung
Heather Nguyen Phuoc

Lauren Nguyen
Rochelle Nixon
Sophia Shaw


Faculty Advisors

Jennifer Wong-Ma
Debra Richardson
Vinh Luong