2021 – 2022 Officers


Brief Role Description for Presidents:
Presidents oversees all responsibilities and makes sure all tasks/goals are completed.
They maintain communication and connections within committee, between advisors and other clubs (ICS Consortium).

Vice Presidents


Brief Role Description for External and Internal Vice Presidents:
External and Internal Vice Presidents are Co-Chairs of our Executive Committee.
They assist Presidents with anything they need, as well as communicate with advisors.
External Vice President organizes weekly events and communicates with companies to host events.
Internal Vice President organizes social-bonding events and the WICS Mentorship Program.


Anushka Cherian

Brief Role Description for Secretary:
Secretary informs board and committee members about meeting times and records notes during the meetings. They also update the subscribers list for the newsletter and sends out the newsletter.


Dingyi Chang

Brief Role Description for Treasurer:
Treasurer manages WICS Funds in both WICS’s ICS account and ASUCI account.
They are in charge of depositing and distributing money, as well as reimbursements.

Alumni Liaison

Duong (Linda) Vu

Brief Role Description for Alumni Liaison:
Alumni Liaison is responsible for being the main point of contact for all alumni related activities such as alumni panels and events. They also reach out to alumni companies for sponsorships and/or opportunities and send yearly alumni care packages.


Jacqueline Thai

Brief Role Description for Historian:
Historian is in charge of managing the WICS Website.
They are responsible for updating/creating the website pages, posting blog posts, and updating the event’s calendar.

Co-Community Outreach Chairs

Brief Role Description for Community Outreach Chairs:
Community Outreach Chairs organize workshops for K-12 students in the area.
They also apply to grants and write proposals for funding their events.

Corporate Chair

Crystal Lee

Brief Description for Corporate Chair:
Corporate Chair organizes events related to professional development (e.g. conferences, hackathons, etc.). They find and build relationships with company representatives and create the sponsorship packets.

Marketing Chair

Grace Manning

Brief Description for Marketing Chair:
Marketing Chair advertises WICS events through social media platforms, flyers, emailing the ICS e-bulletin and professors. They organize the crepe boothing fundraisers, and are in charge of unofficial committee members (e.g. photographer, graphic designer, blogger).

Committee Members



Kai Li Tan
Sushmasri Katakam
Helen Pham
Navdha Jindal
Ellen Kim
Alisa Lu

Melissa Wong
Crystal Lai
Maya Lee
Mirelle George
Shannon Liou
Jane Vo





Oishika Barat
Mignon April Lee
Harshini Mangipudi

Fiona Do
Michelle Lin
Katherine Li




Kaitlin Suzuki
Sydnee Tan
Kushi Valia
Aasha Sendhil

Tanya Screenagesh
Jena Bada
Sanika Bhamare



Community Outreach


Amna Nadeem
Ashley Liu
Basma Bahia
Gayatri Subramaniam
Jenny Liu
Mia Schroeder

Hang Cao
Katherine Hubeny
Elise Jang
Teresa Hempen
Ashley Yung



Faculty Advisors

Jennifer Wong-Ma
Debra Richardson
Marvin Maldonado