WICS Committee Applications are closed!


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Committee members gain important skills in networking, planning, and management, and interact frequently with company representatives during the planning process. This is also an incredible resume builder and demonstrates leadership and initiative to future employers or graduate programs.

Our committee is a 3+ hour commitment per week including committee meetings and some outside work, and will require more time in the weeks before the events. Committee members are required to attend WICS events to understand how the organization works, with the exception of classes overlapping with events. Our main events are:

Mock Technical Interviews in the Winter quarter that involves having mock technical interviews with real company engineers.

– Annual WICS Games, where students and company representatives come together for a night of friendly competition, learning and prizes!

– A series of workshops for general WICS members to provide knowledge and hands on experience about topics that are not taught in detail in class such as making apps and websites.

Give back to the community for girls in local elementary/middle/high schools. WICS volunteers will teach girls Computer Science and/or engineering concepts via different methods such as littleBits and app jams.