WICS @ AthenaHacks 2019

On April 6-7, many WICS members attended AthenaHacks 2019, an all-female hackathon at USC! Attendees of the hackathon formed teams and collaborated to create a hack within 24 hours. Two of the teams made up of all-WICS members won an award during the showcase!

One team (Amanda Chou, Diana Grande, Dianne Ison, Melissa Torres) created an app, Translation Nation, which is “a web app for chatting that strives to overcome language barriers.” Their hack won Best UI/UX Sponsored by Google! Another team (Alice Phan, Kayla Tran, Melinda Tran, Natalie Aguinaldo) worked to create Aunt Flo, “a chatbot that encourages good hygiene for when it’s that time of the month.” Their hack won Best Women Empowerment Hack Sponsored by Facebook! Congratulations to these teams, we admire your effort and creativity!!

Hackathons are a great and fun way to apply your technical skills (as well as learn some new ones!) outside of school, and we encourage those in ICS to attend some if you haven’t already!

Check out the WICS winners’ Devposts here:
Translation Nation – https://devpost.com/software/codingcamels
Aunt Flo – https://devpost.com/software/aunt-flo