WICS Spring Quarter Week 3: GHC Info Session

On April 15, WICS hosted a Grace Hopper Info Session, to educate WICS members on the inspirational conference coming up this Fall! Several WICS Committee members that have had the opportunity to partake in Grace Hopper sat on a panel to answer questions from both the audience and moderator, offering them a more in-depth explanation of what exactly happens at Grace Hopper, and how much they enjoyed it. Panelists shared their favorite Grace Hopper moments, and offered advice for first-timers. Some of the things covered were the importance of Grace Hopper, what a typical day at the conference looks like, and how prospective attendees can receive scholarships to attend.

The panelists all agreed that Grace Hopper is inspirational, a great learning experience, and the best place to network with recruiters and company representatives. You get the opportunity to bond with other minorities in STEM, participate in workshops, apply for jobs on the spot, and so much more. The panelists answered questions about the interview process at Grace Hopper, invite-only networking events, and how to make your scholarship application stand out.