Women Empowering Women Lunch & Panel 2018

On April 21, 2018, WICS hosted a Women Empowering Women Lunch and Panel during Celebrate UCI. This lunch welcomed female ICS prospective freshmen and transfer students and their families. There was delicious catering provided for the event. Debra Richardson, founding dean of the Donald Bren School of ICS, helped lead the panel. She talked about the history of the ICS school as well as her contributions. Then, the WICS panel gave helpful advice to these prospective students, addressing concerns of a typical female ICS student and going over the many resources UCI has to offer. The panel had lots of experience to talk about. At the end of the panel, the students and family members had the opportunity to ask the panel questions, and they got swag for doing so! After the panel, attendees also had the opportunity to ask speak to the members of the panel one-on-one. This event was a great way for prospective ICS students to learn about UCI and being a female ICS student. Hooray for women in tech!