Winter 2023 Week 4: Mentorship Field Day

On Friday, February 3, 2023, of Week 4, WICS held a Mentorship Field Day in Aldrich Park. Mentors and mentees met up to play games and earn points for their mentorship families. The event started with Love My Neighbor, where mentors and mentees formed a circle and switched places with each other based on their answer to the question “I love my neighbor who…”. Next, each mentorship family formed a line to play Charades Telephone. A game similar to regular Telephone, but with silent acting instead of whispering. The even ended with a campus-wide scavenger hunt. Mentorship families were given a list of riddles, and had 15 minutes to run to take pictures in as many of the places that the riddles described as they could. The family with the most pictures won the game, but all participating families got points for their efforts.