Winter 2022 Week 8: Virtual Kahoot Clash Collab

On Wednesday, February 23, 2022, members of various Engineering and ICS clubs gathered on Zoom for a fun night of Kahoot competitions. We started the evening off by learning a little bit about each of the clubs in attendance, including ASME, BMES, NSBE, MAES, SHPE, SWE, and of course WICS. Then, the three rounds of Kahoot games began! First, we answered general UCI-related trivia questions, where we all got to learn some interesting facts regardless of whether we were great at answering the questions. Who knew that Peter the Anteater could have been a unicorn? This was followed by a round of ICS- and Engineering-specific trivia. Apparently nobody buys that Computer Engineering is the most popular engineering degree on campus! Finally, we concluded the competition with ESO trivia. In the end, SWE completely SWE-eped the competition away with 44 points; NSBE x ASME and BMES x SHPE were the runners up in second and third place. After such a fun night, WICS looks forward to further collaboration (and perhaps a rematch) with these great orgs in the future!