Winter 2021 Week 8: From Inception to Delivery with Intel

On Monday, February 22, special guests from Intel joined our general Monday meetings to teach us more about how ideas turn into projects. They started off the meeting with amazing energy and showed off their cute intel virtual backgrounds. Afterwards, they began presenting about RBHE (retail, banking, hospitality and restaurants, and education), prioritizing funding, product management and many more with a visually appealing presentation. As a club, we were able to learn about how ideas are formulated and proposed till they are finally able to reach the planning and development stages. Additionally, they described how the customer journey and bank branch journey are taken into consideration when trying to work out customer solutions. Overall, they look for efficient ways to solve these customer problems that evolved along the way. We finally concluded the meeting with a cute engineering demo that showed us how to display a funny dog video along with our camera feed and more information on product management. Thank you to everyone from Intel that came out today to present and teach us more about the process of how ideas ultimately turn into projects.