WICS Winter Quarter Week 8: Slalom Info Session

On February 27th, WICS hosted an information session with Slalom Consulting, a business and technology consulting firm, of which around 20 people attended! We met Mike Hernandez and Ernie Campos, both talent acquisition managers at Slalom, as well as Lindsay Bert, a talent acquisition analyst. Slalom representatives introduced themselves with a presentation, in which they discussed the industries Slalom is involved in, what services Slalom offers (such as Business Advisory services, Customer Engagement, Data & Analytics, etc.), and their onboarding program. The presentation ended with a video of Slalom’s core values and principles and a brief Q&A.

We’d love to give a huge thank you to Slalom Consulting for coming over and presenting! We greatly appreciated Slalom employees’ helpful attitudes and career advice (and swag!), and strongly encourage everyone to go check them out!