WICS Winter Quarter Week 2: Paciolan Job Shadowing

On Wednesday, January 15th, 15 WICS members went to Paciolan to shadow current employees working at the company. When they arrived, they were greeted by Will Jang, the Director of Engineering. They were able to experience a real stand-up of the API team. After the meeting, the students and employees introduced themselves and were paired off according to job interests which included Software Engineering, UI/UX Designer, and Product Manager. Each member was able to learn what a typical day looks like for the different jobs and asked questions about their job. The students were also served lunch, during which they had a Q&A session with Keith White, the Chief Technology Officer and Deana Barnes, the Vice President of Client Engagement where they received advice to build network and form mentorships. The members had a great time at Paciolan, learning and experiencing what their future could look like from this one-on-one job shadowing opportunity.