WICS Winter Quarter Week 1: First General Meeting

On Monday, January 6th, WICS held its General Meeting – the very first meeting of the Winter quarter. 105 people RSVP’d to the meeting and over 150 people were in attendance. After grabbing a slice of fresh Costco pizza and soft drinks, WICS Co-Presidents Cheyenne Chavez and Sharon Hsu went on to introduce the club along with its board and committee members to the attendees. They also spoke about the mission of the club, how members can get more involved and presented a weekly breakdown of the upcoming events for the quarter. At the end of the meeting, members played a game of Bingo, finding others with similar interests/backgrounds and filling their Bingo sheets to swap for swag. We were able to catch up with old friends and make new ones during this meeting, it was a great start to our Winter quarter!