WICS Spring Quarter Week 8: Paciolan Job Shadowing

On Thursday, May 23rd, WICS members visited Paciolan for a job shadowing day! Twelve WICS members arrived at 9:30am and were greeted by Will Jang, the Director of Software Engineering, who took the members straight into shadowing his stand-up meeting. After the stand-up, the members and Paciolan engineers split up into two groups: software engineering and UX and then they had a short mixer to pair off for the next hour of one-on-one shadowing. During the one-on-one shadowing, the members got to learn what Paciolan engineers do on an everyday basis and ask them any questions. Later on, the WICS members attended a Q&A session with Kim Damron, President and CEO of Paciolan, and Keith White, the Chief Technology Officer, where they received valuable career and personal advice. After, the WICS members and engineers they shadowed were able to eat lunch together at Paciolan to bond even more! Once lunch was over, some students continued to shadow at Paciolan while others had to sadly return back to campus. 

This job shadowing event at Paciolan was a huge success- many of the members that went were happy that they were able to learn about what it’s like to be a full-time engineer and expressed interest for future job shadowing events. Thank you to Paciolan for this amazing opportunity!