WICS Fall Quarter Week 6: Mentorship Reveal

On Monday, November 4th, WICS hosted its annual Mentorship Reveal where over 80 mentors and mentees were grouped into their Mentorship Families! Attendees played a version of the game Headbandz, during which, we asked “Yes or No” questions to identify the item on our cards. Categories ranged from Boba Shops to Celebrities, and even to Potatoes! Once the attendees figured out what was on their card, they were grouped into their Mentorship “Fams.” The members of each Fam were able to mingle with their mentor/mentees before we played a lively game of charades. With the score tied, each Fam came up with a group handshake to determine the winner. Each handshake was based on the Fam’s theme, which is a character from the popular video game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate such as Kirby, Princess Peach, or Mario. Mentors and mentees left with lots of new contacts and friends to reach out to. These groups will be able to schedule meet-ups on their own and come together for future WICS Mentorship Events!