WICS Fall Quarter Week 4: Twitter Q&A and Info Session

On the 23rd of October, WICS held an info session and a Q&A with Twitter.  There were approximately 100 attendees!  Before the event, the students were able to enjoy refreshing drinks at the 7 Leaves Boba bar  outside in the patio area of DBH 6011 which was provided by Twitter.  The boba drinks left the students energized and hyped up for the speaker!  After, everyone made their way inside to be seated for the info session.  All the chairs were filled!  Twitter’s recruiter, Kelly,  informed us of Twitter’s company culture, and shared the many opportunities provided by Twitter including new graduate careers and undergraduate internships.  When the session was over, many students lined up to talk with the recruiter, asking follow up questions about the company and showing her their resumes.  It was an overall success!