Week 6: Southern California Gas Company Info Session

Monday, November 4th, representatives Tu Bui, Justin Wong, and team lead Annavic Duyongco of the Southern California Gas Company came and talked to WICS. Over 15 people attended and had a chance to learn more about SCGC.

SCGC offers many student opportunities such as paid internships and full time jobs that provide training and an insight on different possible fields to work in. There are many fun activities and team building involved in working at SCGC. They have many site locations and for tech positions, SCGC allows interns and associates to choose from a large range of different programming languages to use of your liking. SCGC even offers a Mentorship program for the newcomers to have a chance to see what their future might look light and have someone to guild them there.

SCGC is currently hiring, check out their website or contact WICS if you wish to learn more on how to apply!

WICS hopes that everyone did well on their midterms and if you were too busy to attend some of our meetings, there are a few more weeks left of relaxation before Finals! Stay updated with WICS’s future events and come out to have some fun or just eat some food!