WICS & VGDC Resume Workshop
by Michelle Tjoa

On Monday, the 21st day of October in the Donald Bren of ICS building, WICS and VGDC had a joint Resume workshop.  Around 50+ people came to either help others or be helped.  What was amazing about the event was the great amount of inputs from all those who were experienced and wanted to help by sharing their knowledge and experience with others and also the deep interest those who didn’t have experience or wanted to learn.  All the members learned how to improve or start resumes which can help in the long run with resume building and career searching.  When I went to the resume workshop I was also amazed at how many people were really involved and really wanted to improve their resume and what they had in their resume.  It was also interesting to see people quickly build the resume they didn’t have before coming to the workshop.  I also brought a resume and got tips and pointers on how to improve the resume and learning new tips and lessons I didn’t know or thought about before.  There are simple little things that could be overlooked, like a bigger name, better organization of resumes and the list goes on.  The people who were helping out were also really reliable and professional, so the sources were very trustworthy.  It was also a great experience to meet other people, who were just as involved, excited, and friendly. Can’t wait for the next resume workshop to meet new people and improve my resume once again.