Spring Quarter 2017 Week 3: Blizzard Tour

On April 18th, it was a warm and sunny Tuesday morning at the UCI flagpoles; 23 students eagerly waited for rides heading towards the Blizzard tour. WICS Corporate made sure everyone was present before we embarked to the site. Upon arriving, many were delighted to see the Blizzard sign with its amazing banners and statues. All of the students were really excited to see some of Blizzard’s buildings and works stationed outside of the courtyard plaza. Throughout the tour, light chatter and awe were lit on many faces. Many students were impressed and attentive, asking questions at some of the highlights of the tour. Towards the end, we thanked our guide and took pictures, keeping them for keepsakes of the amazing experience we had. This event allowed our students the opportunity to meet with talent acquisition and network with Blizzard. Our students are now inspired to work there!