Spring 2024 Week 5: Committee Spotlight – Community Outreach

On Monday, April 29th, 2024 of Week 5, WICS featured the Outreach Committee and the work they have been doing for this past year. Everything from NetWics, to a WebDev bootcamps, to a Scratch-a-Thon, Outreach reached 65 participants consisting of middle and high schoolers across 4 different events. Once the members got to learn more about what Outreach does and how to get involved, they participated in a Kahoot trivia game and the top winners received WICS limited edition merch! Afterwards, those who were interested in joining the Outreach Committee got the chance to have coffee chat conversations with current outreach members, asking questions about what the event planning process looks like and how to apply for the next season of committee applications. During these conversations, members also got to enjoy the rest of the night making bracelets and keychains, a perfect way to destress in the midst of midterms!

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