Spring 2024 Week 1: First General Meeting

On Monday, April 1, we had the first general meeting of Spring Quarter, where frequent WICS-goers mingled with plenty of newcomers. At the first meeting of each quarter, we always try to provide attendees an overview of the WICS: who we are, what we do, and, of course, what the WICS URL is. This time around, though, we added an element of competitive fun to our information session. Attendees were placed in groups of 6-7 people around the perimeter of the room. After getting to know the other members of their group through a mix of typical and unconventional icebreaker questions, the competition began! A spinner was used to randomly pick a question, some personal and others about WICS. One person from each group stood in the middle of their group and was tasked with quickly finding someone who could answer the question. They then ran with that person to a chair at the center of the room, winning a point for their team if they sat down first and answered the question correctly. While seeing everyone charge toward the center of the room the moment a question appeared on the screen could be intimidating, the reward was well worth it. Every pair who answered a question was entered in a raffle. At the end, a name was drawn, and the winner got a brand new water bottle!