Spring 2022 Week 9: WICSxPICS

On Tuesday, May 24th, 2022, WICS hosted a lunch with some professors of ICS! With warm welcomes of delicious sandwiches, soda pop, and some classic chip favorites, Professors Shindler, Wong-Ma, Navarro, and Pattis joined fellow students for some lunch. Some highlights include Professor Wong-Ma sharing her summer plans to travel to Disney World, Professor Shindler, being a good conversationalist, welcoming new students to join in on his group, Professor Navarro’s plans for a trip around Europe over the summer, Professor Pattis sharing “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch being one of his favorite books/lectures to learn about life advice. The event had students engaged in the professor’s stories and wisdom with the appearance of giggles here and there. Toward the end of the event, stories trailed the end while students continued to ask questions. Overall, the event successfully allowed students to learn more about their professors beyond the classroom and the professors to hear about what their students are interested in learning about them.