Spring 2022 Week 6: Mentorship MAYhem

On Friday, May 6, 2022, WICS held Mentorship MAYhem. At this event filled with entertaining games, light-hearted competition, and lots of laughter, WICS mentorship families were able to destress together after a busy few weeks of midterms and projects. The evening started out with a Quizizz on all things Nickelodeon, testing the members’ knowledge on SpongeBob, Big Time Rush, and everything in between. Families then went head-to-head in a game of telephone charades: only one person knew what the word was, and each person had to act out to the next in line what they thought the word could be. There were some expectedly wild guesses as everyone tried their best to act out words like “wedding” and “DoorDash”. To conclude the evening, everyone went out to the patio for snacks and one last game. Two families competed in Dijkstra’s Algorithm Tournament at a time, trying to find the correct path across the tiles as quickly as possible, while the third family watched from the sidelines and enjoyed Goldfish, Rice Krispies, and Fruit by the Foot.