Spring 2021 Week 7: WICS x Hack at UCI Resume Review

On Monday, May 10th, WICS hosted a Resume Workshop collaborating with the organization Hack at UCI to pair students with industry professionals to get feedback on their resumes. Instead of using Zoom, the event was held on Discord, which allowed for an easier process of moving students into rooms with their respective resume reviewers through voice channels. Students would add their discord username into the “queue” chat, and the organizers would take in six people for each round. Each round was held for 15 minutes, where the student shared their screen displaying their resume, and the reviewer commented on areas such as formatting, content, layout, and overall tips and tricks for a more impactful resume. The organizers played chill lofi music for the students in the waiting room ready to get matched with a resume reviewer. After ending their review session, students were free to go and carry on with their day. This event was a very convenient and effective way to help students become more confident in their resumes.