Fall 2022 Week 6: Mentorship Reveal

This Monday, October 31, 2022, WICS hosted a spooktacular Mentorship Reveal! Embracing the Halloween spirit, DBH 6011 was decked out in cobwebs and caution tape, and a WICS-original Halloween playlist completed the vibe. Many attendees came dressed in their Halloween costumes, ranging from Inosuke from Demon Slayer to Dora the Explorer, to get a head start on earning points for their mentorship family. At the beginning of the meeting, attendees received a card with their name on one side and an unknown food item on the other, and they had to ask one another yes-or-no questions in an attempt to find out what food item was written on their card. Those who had the same food were a mentor-mentee pairing, and those with food items from the same fast-food restaurant were in the same mentorship family! After everyone found their groupings, each family was tasked with creating a poster and pitch for a new Halloween-themed menu item for their restaurant. Each family had fun coming up with unique ideas while they bonded with the new friends who will support them throughout the coming year!