Winter 2021 Week 5: CTC x WICS “How to Build Tech for Social Good”

Today, club members of Commit The Change (CTC) have joined WICS for an information session that inspires many programmers to apply their knowledge and make a positive change. At first, they explained what are some common tech misconceptions. One of the most interesting one is the assumption that all tech is good. Then, CTC went on to tell an inspiring journey of how the club was founded with the wish to reach out to non-profit organizations to offer tech help, as well as to give programmers a chance to experience work in tech careers. Then, the club members explained thoroughly the steps needed to start building a program for a non-profit organization. The information session ended with a heartwarming Q&A. The key takeaway to start taking on a project is not to come up with ideas, but to look for problems (since we are all problem solvers)!