Fall 2020 Week 9: Day in a Life of a SWE/PM/UI/UX Designer

On Monday, November 30th, 2020 of Week 9, WICS hosted a Day in a Life of a SWE + PM + UI/UX Designer panel with WICS alumni! Guests, Anjali Krishnan from Cisco and Fern Lukban from Facebook represented software engineering, Kristen DeVore from Microsoft represented program management, and Sam Applebaum from General Atomics Aeronautical Systems represented UI/UX design. The beginning of the panel included introductions from all of the WICS alumni, as well as an overview of each of their positions. From there, a general Q&A session was held, where WICS members got to ask questions to the alumni. Closing off the event, each guest had their own breakout room to present further what their typical day on the job is like, and WICS members could go and ask additional questions and connect!