Fall 2020 Week 4: Northrop Grumman “Professional Development” Webinar

On Thursday, October 29th, WICS invited Northrop Grumman representatives to present a professional development webinar. Lexi Hoffman, a technical recruiter, went over how to create a resume from scratch, from what the main components of a great resume are to some insider info that Northrop Grumman likes to see from their applicants. We also learned how to take an awesome professional profile picture at home which hasn’t been necessary for most of us until now. After the presentation, the participants had the unique opportunity of having small group conversations to learn from 3 technical managers, all at different stages of their careers at Northrup. These conversations included learning about their college/career journey as well as getting some advice that related to how they decided what they wanted to do. After this, we were provided a short Q&A session to wrap things up which involved getting more info on what the application process is like for Northrop Grumman’s internships as well as full time positions.