Week 3: Resumé Workshop with Career Center

Monday, October 14th, over 40 people attended the resumé workshop that WICS co-organized with the Career Center.

The Fall Quarter Career Fair was right around the corner and this workshop was to help students learn how to create eye-catching resumés that would land them an interview easier. Mark Carolino, the ICS School Career Counselor, gave a presentation on creating ICS-specific resumés and let both experienced and inexperienced students stand out.


Week 2: Broadcom Info Session

WICS co-hosted this event with IEEE, HKN, and ICSSC on Wednesday, Oct. 9th. Betty Chan, along with a few other Broadcom employees, represented their company and gave an overview about how they enable wireless technology to connect nodes and their standalone wireless chip product.

They explained the expectations that Broadcom has when hiring and provided positions that they are looking for. Many students joined this info session and some had the chance to talk with Broadcom about possible intern and job opportunities.

Grace Hopper Celebration 2013

From Oct. 1 to Oct 5, four of WICS’s board members who were sponsored by the Donald Bren School of ICS and Calit2, attended the annual Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There were many workshops that ranged from important skills to know in the professional field to talking about video games and what companies are doing to improve them. The whole event was truly inspirational as there were more than 4600 attendees who all became supportive to each other in the technological field.

Not only did the members get to learn more about women in technology, they also got a chance to meet representatives of all the big technology related companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, and many more at the career fair which was open every day during the celebration days. Resumes were given out and company swag was received. WICS will be giving out these swag items (shirts, stickers, car chargers, toys, bags, etc.) during the course of the year at our events! Many companies were also enthusiastic about coming to UC Irvine to present speeches and talk to the students more about women in the technology field as well as their company.

One of the members won “The Sims” limited addition game from the EA booth as well as a Kindle Fire from Amazon by entering a raffle after answering some engineering questions!

WICS is hoping to sponsor more members to go to the celebration next year, which will be located at Phoenix, Arizona. Join the committee for a higher chance to attend and if you want to learn more, check out this years GHC website and more pictures posted on Facebook.

First Project Meeting by WICS

WICS’s first ever Project Meeting took place on Wednesday, October 2nd, where the Project Committee began supporting the creation of websites by WICS members. Members were assigned to groups and encouraged to build their own websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Experience is not necessary as the WICS Project Committee will be tutoring HTML in each Project Meeting.

More information about the Project Development Program can be seen here. Deadline to sign up is Monday, Oct. 7th, so hurry! WICS looks forward to seeing every group at the meetings, working on their websites. Stay updated with the event calendar and Facebook for meeting times and details.

WICS looks forward to seeing what each group’s website will turn out to be like. Each member that participates will win a small prize at the end and the group with the best website will even receive a special mystery prize!

Annual Mentorship Program 2013

This year’s Mentorship Program was a huge success! Monday, September 30th, a total of 67 mentees and mentors joined WICS and started the quarter off with the introduction of new WICS officers, future events and goals for this year.

Mentees got a chance to network with experienced upperclassmen, receive advice, and choose their mentor. WICS will be checking up with the paired mentors and mentees to make sure the connection will keep going for the rest of the year!

WICS Week 0: Meet and Greet

Wednesday, September 25, 70 students interested in Computer Science came out to participate in the first annual WICS social event. Students, new and old alike, socialized with the WICS board members as well as each other, played board games, and won cool prizes while enjoying FREE food and drinks!

People had a chance to make some new friends, and freshmen had the opportunity to converse with upperclassmen for advice in the Computer Science field. Tammy Phan, an ICS alumni who is currently working on campus, came to talk to WICS about a tech conference in January about web application security. She gave WICS members information about open internship positions in the department she is working in and welcomed anyone to apply. WICS will be hosting plenty more similar social events throughout the year including other activities such as technical workshops and many other cool events.

Stay updated with our events to gain support and experience with your fellow classmates! WICS will be holding its annual Mentorship Mixer on the Monday of Week 1. WICS board members and an overview of future events will be introduced. RSVP on our Facebook page now and don’t forget to sign up for our Mixer!


Aspire IT Camp: Techie Girls

In Techie Girls,  a week-long summer camp was designed for the 2013 Aspire IT Programs to inspire in girls a love for computer science. The camp provided workshops from July 29th through August 2nd on the UC Irvine Campus for 2 hours a day.

More than 10 of WICS’s members volunteered to help teach more than 20 middle school-aged girls technology. The camp provided a sampling of web design, programming, graphics, and game design using HTML, Python, and Kodu Game Lab. WICS members helped any kids who had trouble learning these programming languages.

At the end of the camp, there was an open house where certificates, free food, and free swag from companies were given to all the participants.



WICS Summer Session Workshop

Wednesday, July 24, WICS hosted a workshop for high school students and incoming freshmen at UCI. More than 10 WICS members signed up to work with over 40 students on Snap Circuits and littleBits.
This workshop was intended to educate and provide insight to students who were interested in the technological field. With the support of the WICS members, students got to explore and create their own little electronic modules. Both WICS and the students got to learn and explore the numerous possibilities that came from these simple components.

ICS Banquet

Wednesday, June 5th, WICS hosted their annual ICS Banquet with Debra J. Richardson (WICS club advisor) and all the ICS club (ACM, MAISS, IEEE, VGDC, ICSSC, and DATSpace) officers (old and new) to celebrate the end of a successful school year.

A delicious dinner was provided as the officers socialized and introduced themselves through slideshow presentations. Group photos were taken in the end as graduating officers congratulated newly appointed officers to get ready for another great year!

Western Digital Tour & Luncheon with Female Engineers

Friday, May 3rd, WICS went to Western Digital for a luncheon with their female engineers and a tour of their work space. 14 female students were able to attend and have the opportunity to interact with and learn from many of Western Digital’s experienced female engineers. After a luncheon with them, the WICS members were taken on a tour to see the engineers at work! The discussions with the female engineers were extremely insightful and including the tour, the whole experience allowed the members to see what it was like to work at Western Digital as a female and have a general idea of what employers looked for in a good candidate. Everyone’s reviews on this tour were extremely positive and WICS plans on going again!