Android App Finale

As the Winter Quarter comes to an end, so does WICS’s Android App Development Projects. This quarter, WICS’s projects meetings have been mostly targeted towards completely inexperienced students who have either never built an app or have never even coded before. Over the course of 5 weeks, 30 students (8 teams) successfully submitted their completed drawing apps that they have made with the guidance of WICS.

WICS wants to thank the students who have attended the meetings and kept up with their project this whole time. As for all those that submitted their work, WICS provided them with lots of swag provided by Google as well as free pizza and beverages on Thursday, March 6th.

After a few games of Hangman with the group, WICS raffled off TWO Google Headsets! WICS hopes that everyone that attended the projects meetings got to have a taste of what it is like to develop an Android App and hopefully be able to start making one of their own in the near future!

First Android App Development Meeting

Thursday, January 30th, more than 80 people attended the WICS Project Meeting to learn about developing Android apps! 20 teams were formed for this 5-week tutorial session. On this day, the WICS website obtained a record of 202 views in one day! Many non-ICS majors such as Chemistry, Public Health Science, PSB (Psych and Social Behavior), and International Studies; WICS hopes everyone that joined will get to have fun as well as gain knowledge to produce awesome apps in the future! Prizes will be raffled off to the participating teams in the end of the sessions, don’t miss any meetings! PPTs are posted here for people that were unable to attend. Good luck to all the teams and WICS looks forward to seeing all the finished projects on Week 9!

First WICS Meeting of Winter ’14

Thursday, January 10, 2014. Are you tired of going to parties and thinking to yourself, “Uggh, what a sausage fest? Like seriously, enough with the testosterone! Where my ladies at?” FEAR NOT, women in computer science, because on this unassuming Thursday night, 40+ beautiful ladies who are pursuing a career in an emerging field that offers excellent job stability gathered to throw the most epic of ragers. There was pizza; there was soda; there were animal crackers, board games, and there was even a powerpoint presentation! Dancing Queen WICS’s President Angela Li teased us with events to come. Projects committee chairwomen announced this quarter’s Android App Development extravaganza, and someone even ALMOST built a hotel on Boardwalk in the first forty minutes of Monopoly. If you made the mistake of not attending, don’t be sad. There will be another! Check Facebook for updates about WICS! Happy Week 1!

Annual Mentorship Program 2013

This year’s Mentorship Program was a huge success! Monday, September 30th, a total of 67 mentees and mentors joined WICS and started the quarter off with the introduction of new WICS officers, future events and goals for this year.

Mentees got a chance to network with experienced upperclassmen, receive advice, and choose their mentor. WICS will be checking up with the paired mentors and mentees to make sure the connection will keep going for the rest of the year!

Beginning of the Quarter General Meeting

The first Tuesday of our Winter Quarter, WICS hosted a general meeting for students to reunite and start talking about preparing for the quarter! Over 30 students (and two friendly male ICS students) came and played games, drank hot chocolate, ate snacks, and shared class schedules to get organized for the new year!

Our meeting began with announcements about our plans for Winter quarter: a Resume workshop, Letters of Recommendation Workshop, a web development workshop on jquery, lunches with industry professionals, and the initiation of our Hacker Toy Workshop outreach to girls and children living in impoverished areas. We announced more details for our upcoming conference, init(together): Southern California Women in Computing Conference, on April 14th.

Our members our already enthusiastic this year: over a dozen volunteered for our Hacker Toy Workshop Program and two more have joined our committee!

WICS Mentorship Program

We had a fantastic turnout for our Mentorship Program.  We printed out 35 mentee mixer sheets and we ran out!  We had a mixer and ‘speeddating’ event so our mentors and mentees could get acquainted and find out who they best got along with.  We’re looking forward to hearing more how our mentors and mentees are doing later in the quarter!

WICS First General Meeting

Before our trip to Grace Hopper, WICS hosted its first general meeting.  We had a great turnout of about 40 people, with a much higher representation of women than previous years!  Following our presentation of this quarter’s events, we pulled out the card games, and for the next hour and a half our new members met each other, ate pizza, and played card games.

We briefly asked people about how they felt about WICS this year, and many were relieved to have a friendly and low-pressure group in ICS that they can relate to.  Many were able to dispel their fears that they would be isolated in ICS this year!  As a result our organization will be hosting more social events for women in ICS to mingle and approach each other in a much easier environment than in the classroom.

We’re looking forward to a busy and productive year!