Week 4: Capgemini’s “Women in Consulting Night” (w/ SWE & ICSSC)

Wednesday, October 23rd, around 50 people attended Capgemini’s “Women in Consulting Night.” Capgemini showed a PowerPoint presentation about women in consulting and talked about their company. Afterwards, they had a panel of six consultants whom each shared their experiences at Capgemini. Near the end of the event, pizza was served as students had the chance to reach out to the Capgemini consultants and talk more about their available job and internship positions. WICS looks forward to more event opportunities with Capgemini in the future, so stay updated!

WICS would also like to thank all the people that attended despite the fact that they had midterms!

Week 2: Broadcom Info Session

WICS co-hosted this event with IEEE, HKN, and ICSSC on Wednesday, Oct. 9th. Betty Chan, along with a few other Broadcom employees, represented their company and gave an overview about how they enable wireless technology to connect nodes and their standalone wireless chip product.

They explained the expectations that Broadcom has when hiring and provided positions that they are looking for. Many students joined this info session and some had the chance to talk with Broadcom about possible intern and job opportunities.

Google Career Panel

The Google discussion panel was incredibly informative and the panelists were very forthcoming with information about being a woman in CS, what it’s like to work at Google, and how to be a good Google candidate.  We had over 45 members attending the event, and many enthusiastically rushed up to talk to the panelists after the event!

We had many delicious sandwiches and (amazing) ‘swag’ before the panel, and we had the fantastic opportunity of talking to the panelists one-on-one after the panel ended.

Google will be working with WICS on future projects this academic year, and have been very helpful and enthusiastic about working with our active WICS chapter.   Thank you to Google for hosting this event with WICS!