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Beginning of the Quarter General Meeting

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The first Tuesday of our Winter Quarter, WICS hosted a general meeting for students to reunite and start talking about preparing for the quarter! Over 30 students (and two friendly male ICS students) came and played games, drank hot chocolate, ate snacks, and shared class schedules to get organized for the new year!

Our meeting began with announcements about our plans for Winter quarter: a Resume workshop, Letters of Recommendation Workshop, a web development workshop on jquery, lunches with industry professionals, and the initiation of our Hacker Toy Workshop outreach to girls and children living in impoverished areas. We announced more details for our upcoming conference, init(together): Southern California Women in Computing Conference, on April 14th.

Our members our already enthusiastic this year: over a dozen volunteered for our Hacker Toy Workshop Program and two more have joined our committee!


Fall Quarter Update

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We’ve been so busy planning our Fall, Winter, and conference events that our blog has fallen by the wayside!

Here is an overview of the rest of our events from Fall Quarter 2012:

• Web Development workshop with Anthony Alagna (Slides from the  workshop are here)

• A “Study, Dinner and De-Stress Night” with tutors for ICS 30 (Python)

• Thanksgiving Potluck and showing of The Avengers — in collaboration with MAISS

• Caffeine Potluck in Collaboration with DATSpace (before finals!)

Students continued to enthusiastically participate in WICS events, with attendance between 25-50 members at every event. We collaborated with other groups, and we’re beginning to establish a more unified tech community among the students at UCI!

We have a lot of plans for Winter Quarter and even better: our Southern California Women in Tech Conference, April 14th!



WICS is Awarded the NCWIT Student Seed Fund!

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WICS has recently been announced as a winner of the Symantec sponsored Round 5 Student Seed Fund award from the National Center of Women & Information Technology (NCWIT)! As a winner, WICS will receive $750 to host a series of “Hacker” workshops for girls in elementary schools and middle schools to generate their interest in technology early on.

The announcement for the award can be seen here.

Thank you to both Symantec and NCWIT for this generous award!


Google Career Panel

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The Google discussion panel was incredibly informative and the panelists were very forthcoming with information about being a woman in CS, what it’s like to work at Google, and how to be a good Google candidate.  We had over 45 members attending the event, and many enthusiastically rushed up to talk to the panelists after the event!

We had many delicious sandwiches and (amazing) ‘swag’ before the panel, and we had the fantastic opportunity of talking to the panelists one-on-one after the panel ended.

Google will be working with WICS on future projects this academic year, and have been very helpful and enthusiastic about working with our active WICS chapter.   Thank you to Google for hosting this event with WICS!


WICS Mentorship Program

We had a fantastic turnout for our Mentorship Program.  We printed out 35 mentee mixer sheets and we ran out!  We had a mixer and ‘speeddating’ event so our mentors and mentees could get acquainted and find out who they best got along with.  We’re looking forward to hearing more how our mentors and mentees are doing later in the quarter!


WICS First General Meeting

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Before our trip to Grace Hopper, WICS hosted its first general meeting.  We had a great turnout of about 40 people, with a much higher representation of women than previous years!  Following our presentation of this quarter’s events, we pulled out the card games, and for the next hour and a half our new members met each other, ate pizza, and played card games.

We briefly asked people about how they felt about WICS this year, and many were relieved to have a friendly and low-pressure group in ICS that they can relate to.  Many were able to dispel their fears that they would be isolated in ICS this year!  As a result our organization will be hosting more social events for women in ICS to mingle and approach each other in a much easier environment than in the classroom.

We’re looking forward to a busy and productive year!

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WICS Goes to Grace Hopper!

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Last Saturday four of our members had the privilege to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in Baltimore, Maryland.  The trip was incredibly inspiring for all of us and we agreed that we will raise funds to send UCI students to Grace Hopper every year.

We met many representatives from great companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, DropBox, Qualcomm, and many others who were enthusiastic about going to UCI to meet our WICS members!  We also attended several workshops for professional development, technical issues in the industry, as well as how to be an effective organization for women in ICS.

On a lighter note, we attended two dances, ate the ridiculous amounts of desserts served at the conference, and picked up tons of free goodies.  Check out our Flickr photostream for pictures of our experience at Grace Hopper.

At our next meeting on Tuesday, October 9th we will be giving away a bunch of company swag and we will raffle off a Google shirt!