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Board Game/Movie Night

by Jacqueline Lee

On Monday, October 19, WICS held a social night of board games and movies for 34 students with lots of snacks and drinks. WICS members watched Beetlejuice while playing games like Werewolf and UNO. It was a great way to return to WICS meetings after attending the Grace Hopper Conference Celebration of Women in Computing for the previous week. With midterms coming up members were able to take sometime away and relax with each other. We hope everyone had a great time!


2nd Annual WICS Games

by Jacqueline Lee

What better way is there to bring students together than through a competitive night of trivia? On Monday, October 5th, WICS Games connected company representatives and 70 students together for a fun night of answering computer science related question.  To start off Round 1, the groups introduced themselves to their groups, answered WICS and UCI related trivia, and made up group names and chants. Personal favorites include “Drake’s Right Hand”, “Hashbrowns” and  “WIC[s]IPEDIA”. After Round 2, there was a break, which allowed everyone to eat Subway sandwiches and cookies sponsored by Hitachi Consulting. Students also took this opportunity to network with the company reps.

In the end, after 5 rounds of questions, it was Pink Squid who took the win with 71 points, 7.5 points over the next leading team. They were the first to get beautiful, beautiful swag. In the end, everyone left with full stomachs, great prizes, new friends, and a greater knowledge of computer science. If that’s not what happiness is, then I don’t know what is.

We’d like to thank company representatives from Adobe (WICS’s gold sponsor). Blizzard Entertainment, Hitachi Consulting, Pariveda Solutions, and Western Digital for making the night truly spectacular. To the students: thank you for coming, and we hope you had a good time. See you next year for another WICS Games.


First General Meeting & Mentorship Mixer

by Jacqueline Lee

WICS’s first general meeting blasted off last Wednesday on September 30 with over 100 attendees fed by yummy Costco pizzas. The WICS Co-President Angela Liu and Vice-President Shirley Zhu began the meeting introducing the organization’s goals, the hardworking committee and board members, past events, and the events planned for the current Fall Quarter. Afterwards, WICS ended the meeting by putting on our traditional raffling of various swag prizes, including an Android plushie, swag bags filled with mystery prizes, and Adobe and WICS shirts. General members learned how WICS could support them throughout their time here at UCI and be a place to make lasting friendships and experiences.

Then WICS switched gears to hold the mentorship mixer. This is where underclassmen meet with upperclassmen and graduate students from the various disciplines under the school of ICS to ask them about classes, internships, research, and life. The mixer started off with a human bingo game so that everyone has a chance to get to know one another. After that, mentors were directed to sit in tables with their respective interests (Artificial Intelligence, Art/Graphics, Algorithms, Database, Networking, Development, and Research). Mentees could choose any table to go to and talk to the mentors about the topic (or about life in general) and there were 3 rounds of rotation to allow them to explore various interests. The mixer allowed mentees to get to know the mentors and the different fields and helped them decide whom they want as their mentors.

WICS would like to thank our members for coming out and also the awesome people that volunteered their time to set up the chairs and tables!


Board Game Night

by Ivan Law

Even though it’s already week 6, midterm season continued. Rather than bombarding the members with information, WICS decided to host a board game night to allow members to socialize and relax. About 15 people showed up and relaxed while chatting with other members and playing board games like Apples to Apples, Werewolf, and Taboo.


Movie Night

by Ivan Law

Week 5, aka Midterms Week, can be incredibly stressful. Therefore, on April 29, WICS decided to host a social event and de-stress by having a movie night. Since it was Midterms Week, many members were busy and did not show up, but still about 15 people showed up to de-stress by watching movies!


Recurse Center

by Ivan Law

The Recurse Center, formerly known as Hacker School, presented to WICS on April 22. Its goal was for WICS members to learn more about its free three month retreat in New York City for people who want to get better at programming. Over 20 people showed up and enjoyed the presentation while eating great food.


Consulting versus Industry: Pariveda Solutions

by Ivan Law

WICS often hosts company info sessions to spread valuable information about various companies to its members, so on April 15 WICS invited Pariveda Solutions to present on their topic “Consulting versus Industry.” Here they debated the pros and cons of working for a consulting company (like Pariveda Solutions) versus a more industry-driven company. The developers from Pariveda Solutions also shared their own personal experiences and answered any questions our members had for them. Over 20 people showed up and enjoyed a great presentation.


Mock Interview

by Ivan Law

On April 15, WICS collaborated with UCI’s Career Center to bring its members a day of mock interviews. Partnering with companies like Laserfiche and Blizzard, many WICS members experienced what it is like to be interviewed by actual companies and gained valuable experience that will help them prepare for real-life interviews in the future.



Spring General Meeting

by Ivan Law

On the night of April 1, WICS hosted its first general meeting of spring quarter. Both old and new members showed up for a night of food and games. Over 30 members showed up and had a great night.



Amazon Info Session

Amazon collaborated with WICS on February 25 and hosted an info session. Space was limited so only students that RSVPed were allowed to enter. Luckily, WICS tried their best to accommodate as many people as possible. WICS managed to allow about 100 students to listen in on the info session so that they could learn more about working and applying to Amazon.