WICS Winter Quarter Week 8: Negotiation Panel

On Monday, February 24th, WICS invited panelists from Experian, Google, Redfin and UCI to talk about negotiations in the workplace. Over 50 students were in attendance – it was a full house. After getting some pizza and refreshments, the panel gave attendants insight into the different aspects of negotiating, including why negotiating is important and the steps to starting the process of negotiation. The panelists encouraged students to negotiate right from the beginning because it shows confidence and sets them up for long-term success. From a business perspective, they informed us that recruiters look for people that negotiate, even if they are coming right out of college. They also talked about starting the negotiating process only after receiving an offer in writing, never before. The panelists pushed the students in attendance to think about applying for tougher jobs that challenge them and help them grow in their careers. Overall, the panelists and students had an honest conversation about the negotiation process and gave us many tips that could help students in all fields and levels.