WICS Winter Quarter Week 7: Just Code It! Program Accomplished

On Saturday, February 22nd, WICS finished their Just Code It outreach program. In these four weeks, we provided workshops that were geared for young middle school girls. The workshops taught students basic fundamental programming skills for website development. The lesson plan began with Day 1: CSS and HTML, Day 2: Javascript, Day 3: Bootstrap, and Day 4: Projects. Lessons were interactive, and teachers began with a blank file and built a website along with the class. Students were encouraged to ask questions to help them learn the material faster and better. Other mentors were in the room to help guide them through the lessons. After every lesson,  students exercised with the new programming language by building a website of their own. And finally on the very last day of the program, students were set to the task to make a final project utilizing the material they learned from the past few weeks. Finally, they presented their projects to the class and their parents. Students were able to make creative and impressive websites ranging from an online personality assessment to interactive baking recipes. Overall, the program went by smoothly and WICS was lucky to be able to provide young females inspiration and empowerment for the field of technology. Many of the students have never programmed before, and were able to come out of this program learning four new languages!