WICS Winter Quarter Week 6: Ace Your Technical Interview Workshop with Amazon

On Monday, February 10th, WICS hosted two engineers from Amazon who shared insight into the recruitment process at their company. There was a good turnout of over 50 people, which completely filled the room. After everyone got their pizza and settled in, the Amazon representatives they started their presentation with tips about uploading and creating unique resumes. They highly encouraged students to upload their resumes and to keep them updated. They described resumes as the “window into your life” and recommended making resumes stand out and reflect the applicant’s character. They went on to talk about one aspect they love about Amazon, which is that it is constantly changing and taking into account the ideas of even the most recent interns. Afterwards, they dove into the details of the recruitment process, which includes a technical, virtual, and behavior interview. They also talked about the fourteen leadership principles of Amazon (customer obsession, ownership, think big, etc.), which they claimed are always evolving and also are helpful for outside the workplace. The first half of the presentation wrapped up with a Q&A session, in which the audience was very engaged and asked lots of questions. After a brief break, the representatives went into the Mock Interview portion of their presentation. They asked behavioral questions and encouraged audience participation to build the scenario starting from the problem to how it was resolved. Next they went over things to focus on during technical interviews and encouraged the audience to ask questions about the technical question. Overall the presentation was very informative and engaging.