WICS Winter Quarter Week 4: Just Code It! (Day 1)

On Saturday, February 1st, WICS had launched the first day of our 4-week outreach program. Just Code It! is a series of workshops geared towards introducing the fundamentals of web development to middle school girls. Day 1 revolved around teaching HTML and CSS. Along with learning the basics of HTML and CSS, the girls were able to build their very own portfolio website with the help of our WICS mentors. Afterwards, the girls put their skills to the test by creating a website about an interest or passion of theirs. We saw a variety of websites on topics ranging from Steven Universe to GMOs to K-Pop. Many of these girls have never coded before, so it was amazing to see them come in without any prior experience and come out with a website that they can show to their parents and friends. Look forward to Day 2 of our Just Code It! program where we’ll be teaching the girls how to ramp up their website with interactive features using JavaScript!