WICS Winter Quarter Week 4: Jeopardy Night

On February 13 WICS members took a break from studying and got together to play a game of Jeopardy. Everyone got to have some delicious pizza before the game started. About 25 people attended and there were four teams of 4-5 people. Players had a lot of fun answering questions from categories such as WICS, UCI Culture, ICS Professors, Popular Culture, and Coding/Big O. When all the questions on the board were answered, the teams had to provide the answer to a riddle for the Final Jeopardy question. The teams decided on how much of their earnings from throughout the game they would bet on the question; if they got the question right they won that amount and if they didn’t, they would lose that amount. Each of the members of the winning team went home with a bag of free swag. Everyone who attended had a great time meeting and bonding with new and old friends!