WICS Winter Quarter Week 3: Mock Technical Interviews

On Wednesday, January 22nd, WICS held an event, Mock Technical Interviews, for all members to help improve on their interview skills. Interviewing is an integral part to finding a job in the CS industry and we want UCI students to be able to sharpen their problem solving skills, articulation of thought process, and ease any anxiety they may have by practicing.

You guys were a real pleasure to work with! I’ve honestly never been as impressed with the planning and hospitality from a college recruiting event as I have with you guys yesterday.

Thanks to the generous help of Twilio, Google, Thales, Honey, and Experian, we were able to get over 10+ interviewers from the industry to help conduct these mock interviews. The interviews lasted 30 minutes and involved solving technical problems.

Thank you for organizing and having everything run so smoothly. I was super impressed with the students and I’m confident everyone I met today will do great things in their careers. I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute what I can, and would love to do it again!

In the end, students were able to receive feedback from the interviewers. All participants were able to walk away with a better understanding of how technical interviews work and what they could improve on.

I was so impressed by the organization and execution of the event! It was really great working with you and the WICS team, looking forward to partnering with WICS again in the future! Thank you so much for hosting such a great event! The 4 of us loved our time with the students.