WICS Spring Quarter Week 6: Acing the Technical Interview with The Portal

On Monday, May 7, WICS held an Acing the Technical Interview Workshop hosted by The Portal. Alan and Charith, who both graduated from UCI, led the presentation. They went through the basics of what goes on in a technical interview. They also explained the dos and don’ts of an interview as well as some misconceptions and tips. We learned a lot about how to sell ourselves to a recruiter. Preparation is key, so Alan and Charith made sure to explain what we should research before interviewing at a company. Their presentation had several inspiring quotes that helped us understand some important concepts. Here’s one by Martin Fowler that I think is useful to us programmers: “Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” Of course, we also had a pizza break. This event was immensely useful to those of us who have upcoming technical interviews or want to prepare for future interviews. After this workshop, we’re ready to tackle any technical interview!