WICS Spring Quarter Week 2: Paciolan Info Session

On April 8th, WICS hosted an information session with Paciolan, a company provides sports and entertainment venues with the software needed to facilitate automated ticketing. Around 50 people attended this event. The presentation was given by 2 women representatives from Paciolan: Katie Huang, a UX Designer and Amy Thelen, a Software Engineer. They shared about their work experience at Paciolan, and what they did in college to help them get this job. This presentation ended with a Q&A session. After this event, many students stayed to talk to company representatives to ask questions and get their resume reviewed, some students even had their interview scheduled. Like Amy Thelen said “Networking is a great way to get jobs!” We’d love to give a huge thank you to Paciolan and students who came to this event, hope everyone can find their ideal job and internship!