WICS Fall Quarter Week 4: Blizzard Info Session

On Monday, October 22nd, WICS hosted a Blizzard Info-Session. We had over 70 attendees come and learn about what it is like to work at Blizzard! Ellen, the University Relations Recruiter, shared information about internship and new grad opportunities as well as tips on how to apply successfully, and she moderated a Q&A panel with two Software Engineers, Stephanie and Aubrie. They shared their experiences as women in the Game Industry as well as their journeys from college students to full-time engineers. At the end of the event, our speakers stayed to answer any lingering questions attendees had. We’re glad we are able to partner with them for this event, and we are excited to hold events with them in the future! Thank you to those who attended and we hope to see everyone again at future events!

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