WICS Fall Quarter Week 2: Mentorship Mixer

On October 3rd, WICS hosted the first event for their Mentorship Program, a mixer for mentors and mentees to get to know each other better. Over 140 students applied to our program and over 100 attended! The event first began with Human Bingo which helped the attendees talk to new people. Then, our internal vice president, Cheyenne, started a her presentation revealing this year’s mentorship theme, Pokemon! She switched up pairings this year by incorporating a family system. During the meeting, 3 mentors and 9 mentees would sit at a table and answer rapid-fire questions that ranged from “what’s your preferences on boba?” to “what do you wish to achieve while here at UCI?” After a few questions, mentors would switch tables in order to interact with a new set of mentees. The event concluded after 9 rounds and attendees were really excited for their new potential mentors and mentees! We hope this event will be the first of many successful mentorship events for this year.