WICS Fall Quarter Week 2: Mentorship Mixer

On Monday, October 9th, WICS hosted a mentorship mixer, the first of many mentorship events to come! Over 160 applied for mentorship, and over 110 attended! As the event commenced, attendees were given bingo cards, which encouraged everyone to mingle and find others with common interests or classes while more participants arrived. Shortly after, everyone was seated and our Internal Vice President, Kayla, introduced this years’ mentorship theme: Super Smash Brothers! Each table consisted of 3-5 mentors and 4-6 mentees. The event progressed in rounds where mentors moved from table to table while answering questions, eventually getting to know every mentee there. Questions ranged from those typical, but insightful, such as “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” to more silly questions like “What would you do if you were trapped in an IKEA”? Mentees and mentors alike were able to write down the names of those they would like to have as a mentee/mentor, and the event concluded with many newly formed friendships!