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Anuj Shah

Hey, my name is Anuj and I’m a third-year double major Computer Science and Business Adminstration. I’m an out-of-state student from Scarsdale, New York. I enjoy traveling, going for walks, and eating out. Some of my favorite cuisines are Thai and Italian, while some of the places I enjoy going to at UTC are Blaze, In-N-Out, and Chipotle. I really enjoy listening to music — some of my favorite artists are Chance the Rapper, J Cole, and Lupe Fiasco. If you’re interested in business or getting into the hackathon scene, I’m the perfect person to talk to. If you code, that’s cool too. Recently, I’ve been working on a lot of web and app development projects in my free time. Feel free to read more about me here:

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Sam Applebaum

Sam Applebaum

Hi, my name is Sam, I’m a 4th year Informatics major, specializing in Human-Computer Interaction. I have a lot of experience in Web design and a passion for User Interaction/Experience Design. My favorite TV show is Parks and Recreation, and my favorite Movie/TV genres are Comedy, Sci-Fi, and Supernatural. I am also an avid Disney Fanatic with an Annual Pass to Disneyland. Also, I have a car and love to go on adventures and explore new places.

Han Shu

Han Shu

Hi, my name is Han. I’m a 3th year Informatics major, specializing in Human-Computer Interaction. Besides, I am minoring in filmmaking and computer science. My favorite TV show is Modern Family. I like comedy. As for movies, my favorite one would be Crunchy Tiger and Mary and Max. I am good at cooking Chinese food.


Huyanh Hoang

Hey guys! I couldn’t find a more recent picture of me on my computer, so this is just me with long hair. I’m a fourth year Informatics major with a specialization in a split between software dev and user experience design. I’m pretty well versed in interfaces and design, but I also really love coding, so don’t be afraid to ask me CS questions even though I’m not a CS major! I have been hearing recently that I look like a frat boy due wearing tank tops or something(fall weather is pretty hot here :/), but I’m completely polar opposite from that stereotype. Don’t believe me? Here’s a TL;DR of some of the things I do: Hackathons, iOS mobile dev, Reading books(nonfiction), Anime(favorite: Your Lie in April, and yup I play piano too!), Startups.

And of course, going to the gym in the mornings(usually 6-8am)! I’m a firm believer in the philosophy that your coding is only good if you’re not only mentally quick, but also physically healthy. If you are inclined towards the business/social side of technology, if you want to get into mobile development, or if you’re just struggling to find that one passion and need some direction, please email me your resume/cover letter and we can talk. Just kidding, just come say hi (: I’d love to help you out!

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Diana Sandil

Hello everyone! My name is Diana, and I am a 3rd year former Computer Science major currently trying to pursue Informatics. I have some experience in web/graphic design but I hope to learn more in the future. I used to be a math tutor and I could help with Math 2A/2B(might be rusty with 2B) or Stats 7. My favorite music currently is KPOP, RnB or anything upbeat. I’m also a gamer whether it be PC(LoL/Overwatch) or Console(Smash/Tales Series/Persona Series). I know my first 2 years of college were pretty rough, so I hope to give you guidance emotionally and academically for you to succeed. c: