Fall Quarter 2016 Week 4: Mentorship Reveal

On October 17th, WICS had their mentorship reveal, which consisted of 54 pairs! Mentors were given nametags, and the mentees were given a mission to find the balloon with their name on it, pop the balloon and then search for their mentor. The popping noises were pretty loud, but it made the atmosphere lively as the mentees were pretty anxious about who were the mentor was and vice versa. After everyone found their mentee/mentor, they were given the task to talk with one another and get to know each other, then mingle with another pair of mentors/mentees and introduce themselves to each other. This was a good idea so pairs can bounce off ideas from one another on how often to meet with your mentee/mentor, and possibly even have group bondings. Everyone was satisfied with meeting their match, so thanks Samantha Applebaum, who is the one in charge of the Mentorship Program and matching each pair! You did a wonderful job!