Fall 2021 Week 9: Virtual Day in the Life of a SWE/PM/UI/UX Designer Panel

Week 9, Monday, November 22nd, 2021 WICS held the virtual event: “Virtual Day in the Life of a SWE/PM/UI/UX Designer Panel,” inviting speakers from Amazon, Cisco, CrowdStrike, Workwell Technologies Inc., and Zillow to give insight on their roles, how they got there, and advice to those looking to get into those, or similar, roles in the future. The event started with a brief introduction at 6:30p.m. followed by starter and student-submitted questions, with each panelist taking turns going into great depth to answer each question. From this event, members were able to get a close look into what it’s like to be a SWE/PM/UI/UX Designer, from personal to professional to a blend of both, and how they vary depending on perspective and circumstance.