Deloitte Consulting Workshop

by Jacqueline Lee

WICS and WIL (Women in Leadership) co-hosted a workshop with Deloitte Consulting on Friday, February 5 from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm. The session started with an introduction to the company. Then, some of their key players, such as Tanya Dancekelly, the Principal at Deloitte Consulting, spoke about their work-life balance, their time leading to Deloitte, their college years, and other topics from Q&A. It was both a pleasure and an inspiration to hear from such amazing and successful female leaders.

Afterwards, Deloitte wanted to give the students in the room a taste of the consultant work. First, they started with a presentation about what it means to be a consultant, the work involved, and tips for being a great consultant. Then they have students break off into groups to work on a sample case about consolidating data when switching to a new data management application. Deloitte mentors were present to explain (e.g. what is ERP?) and give helpful hints and students practice, essentially, approaching an interview question.

The event wrapped up with networking and delicious sandwiches from Corner Bakery.

Deloitte Consulting is looking for juniors to join their internship program. Their posting is found on Zotlink as Summer Scholar Intern – Business Technology Analyst. The deadline to submit your resume is February 18, 2016.