WICS is Invited to Western Digital

On April 4th, Friday of Week 1, Western Digital held a company tour from 10 AM to 3:30 PM for students from Cal Poly Pomona, UCR, and UCI.

After breakfast, the first thing on the to-do list was to break apart a hard drive, which was given to the attendees along with free swag to take home! As the hard drive was opened, everyone got to see what the inside looked like as the Western Digital speakers described the individual parts and their usage.

Before lunch was served, there was a tour of the Western Digital Shop (items were discounted for attendees), and the company in which we saw the employees in their natural habitat.

The tour concluded with a talk held by a panel of 10 women engineers that was provided just for WICS members. They described their work environment, gave school advice, and explained the benefits of working at Western Digital. It was definitely an informational and hands-on learning experience. WICS plans on having more future events with Western Digital so stay tuned!

Western Digital Tour & Luncheon with Female Engineers

Friday, May 3rd, WICS went to Western Digital for a luncheon with their female engineers and a tour of their work space. 14 female students were able to attend and have the opportunity to interact with and learn from many of Western Digital’s experienced female engineers. After a luncheon with them, the WICS members were taken on a tour to see the engineers at work! The discussions with the female engineers were extremely insightful and including the tour, the whole experience allowed the members to see what it was like to work at Western Digital as a female and have a general idea of what employers looked for in a good candidate. Everyone’s reviews on this tour were extremely positive and WICS plans on going again!

WICS Goes to Blizzard!

Thursday, January 23rd WICS took a trip to Blizzard for a tour of their campus! We had the privilege of seeing the World of Warcraft developer space and were able to see the kind of work Blizzard developers do first hand. We were surprised by the colorful offices full of toys and gaming memorabilia, which seems like a rare environment compared to most software development spaces. Thank you to Blizzard for offering their time and space for our organization!

After the tour, WICS took a group picture in front of the statue on the Blizzard campus as seen below!

- (EOS) 096